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Final Year Project G U I D E L I N E S January 2007

These are the Final Year Project Guidelines for your perusal.

School of Computing & Information Technology
Project Coordinator : Zainudin Johari

The Project Module

The project is intended to be a learning experience by which you gain knowledge and skills that will be valuable to you in your future career. The project will be assessed and its mark will be an important component of your overall program. The project is a compulsory module in the final year and as such is regarded as a vital component of your course.

Who is the target Group

Only for students who have 2 or less subjects to finish their program.

Duration of project 1 semester.

Type of Project

The format is a complete documentation report and a presentation of the findings.

Steps to be taken by Candidates

1. Select a suitable Project Title

2. Create a 2-3 pages of Project Proposal.

3. Send Project Proposal to Project Coordinator before the proposed deadline.

4. Have frequent meetings with Project Coordinators and Fellow Lecturers to ensure smooth flow of project.

5. Send draft (first -softcopy and second - hardcopy)on stipulated dates.

6. Prepare presentation slides ( not more than 10 slides).

7. Present on the stipulated dates that will be announced later.

8. Send final project after amendments and changes that have been made.

9. Wait for overall results.

Project Title Selection

Advisable the title should come from the candidate himself or herself

1. Title should be attractive, useful and beneficial.

2. Title should be related to problem solving in organizations.

3. Title that should be able to complete within the given time frame.


Candidate for the project should send in a proposal of the project at least 1 (one) week from the date of the briefing.

The content of the proposal should include:

  • Title of project eg. MPH Bookstore Information Systems
  • Introduction
  • Academic Objectives – normally consist of research into an area of the project, to demonstrate theoretical understanding and practical application to the project.
  • Systems Requirements – Hardware and Software requirements
  • Scheduling management – Gantt Chart
  • Complete Identification which include:
    • Name
    • Id Number
    • Permanent Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Email address


The content of the Project Report should include:

Cover Title



Table of content


List of Tables

List of Figures

Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Reviews

Chapter 3 : Methodology

Chapter 4 : Analysis

Chapter 5 : System Architecture and Design

Chapter 6 : Implementation

Chapter 7 : Summary :Conclusions & Future Works



Workshop Assessment Criteria 2007

This is the assessment criteria that I will be using to assess your Workshop Assignment.

No Area
1 Introduction to Company Profile
Name of Company, address, history of projects,
Company background, map, URL
/15 marks

Module Functions
Shipping products and services, send cards, letters & flyers, Calculate postage, locate post office, track and confirm etc
/15 marks

Layout, contact person, the job,
number of vacancies, tel/fax numbers,
/10 marks

Interview Plan
Date, Selected venue, List of
Candidate names, qualifications, targeted tasks
/10 marks

Cost estimation
Venue Cost, Allowances, Cabling, networking, salary, hardware and software,
/15 marks

Draw a Gantt Chart
Scheduling technique, time and task involve
/10 marks

Context Diagram
Identify Entities involved, Symbols used, overall layout, within scope
/ 10 marks

Context Diagram
Entities, Relationships, attributes selected, overall diagram, symbols used, primary key
/15 marks

Total /100 marks

Workshop Assignment Question January 2007

Dear Students,The Workshop Assignment Question for reference.


CODE : IM 3059

SUBJECT : Workshop

weight : 100 %

Workshop Assignment

B Sc Computing

Lecturer : Zainudin Johari

Due Date : April 5 2006

You are a System Manager for trading Software Company. Your company have been selected and entrusted to build a computerized Post Office Management Systems for Serdang International Post Office (SIPO) Berhad scheduled to be open at KL Sentral in Mid 2008. At the moment you have only 6 Programmers and 1 Senior Program Analyst. You are required to conduct an interview to recruit new staff to full fill the company objective in completing the project. The project estimated to cost around RM3million and will take duration of 1+1 years to complete.

The SIPO® is an independent establishment of the Executive Branch of the Malaysian Government. It operates in a businesslike way. The SIPO Service should offers a variety of consumer services, both at the Post Office and online. When you are designing SIPO it should be nothing but convenient.

In the more than ten years since SIPO® began, it has grown and changed with Malaysia. Discovering the history of the SIPO service is a journey into the history of transportation, economics, industrialization, communications, and government.

Today, the SIPO™ delivers hundreds of millions of messages each day to more than 10 million homes and businesses domestically and worldwide.

This is the story of the evolution of the SIPO Service and the important role it has played in the development of the Malaysia.

  • The Post Office Management Systems , may includes this modules:
  • Shipping Tools Shipping Product and Services -Send domestic & international packages.
  • Send Cards, Letters & Flyers - Use Services online. It's fast, easy, and affordable.
  • Calculate Postage - You can calculate postage right from your computer. Select the type of service for your mailing needs. Have size, shape, weight and Poscode information ready.
  • Locate Post Office – Find a post office near you
  • Track and Confirm To check on the delivery status of your mailing, enter your label or receipt number in the space provided. Please be sure to enter all letters and numbers exactly as they appear on your label or receipt.
  • Schedule Pick-up-
  • PO Box Rentals - Get your mail conveniently with a SIPO™ Box.


Project will take 13 working months.

Select a Project Manager from the members of your group.

No outsourcing will be allowed.

Your task

1. Introduction about your company profile which includes address, name of company, board of directors, history of project ( at least 3 ) and others you think is beneficial that should be included in your profile.

2. Define that SIPO systems according to your own definition and understanding but must include those modules mentioned above and should state very clearly for the purpose of explaining to your Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. You can even add more functions if you feel necessary for your client benefits.

3. Advertise on paper regarding the recruitment. Show the complete layout of the advertisement, which includes address, contacts, telephone number and dead line.

4. Plan to Conduct an Interview. Which should includes :

Date, venue of interview, Number of candidates, potential candidates names with qualifications and targeted tasks, Prepare question to ask interviewee during interview, prepare interviewer panel, prepare result and selection.

5. Cost estimation for the interview sessions

6. Draw a GANTT Chart to schedule the entire project.

7. Prepare a Context Diagram and an appropriate Entity Relational Diagram for SIPO.

8. Conclusion

Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your report an extra edge.

You are also encouraged to add in pictures of the relevant categories that you could acquire either from the Net or newspapers cuttings.

Make your report as realistic as possible as we all know that this is just a fictional exercise.

Individual Assignment.

Assignments must be handed in on time or at least on the stipulated date.

Extensions will only be given under exceptional circumstances and will only be granted if notification is received in writing.

Some reasons for not allowing extensions are:

· Extensions are unfair to those who have worked hard to deliver assignments on TIME.

· The lecturer cannot cover the solution until the last assignment has been handed in

· A late assignment in my subject would usually leads to late assignments in other subject, and leading to a deterioration in the quality of work submitted

· Rigid deadlines exist in the real working environment.

All assignment work should be substantially your own

Working closely with someone else on a non-group assignment is considered cheating

Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse

All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Project Report Cover clearly stated proper identification

Zainudin Johari

Exercise Software Estimation

You may try out with this exercise.

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Exrecise COCOMO

Dear Students, you can try out with the Exercise above. Sent the answers via email to me.

Project Management Resources

These resources might help for the assignment:

Effective Project Management, Robert K. Wysocki, Robert Beck Jr., David B. Crane, Wiley Computer Publishing, 2000

Software Project Mangement, Bob Hughes and Mike Cotterell, Mc Graw Hill, 2002

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