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Project Management 2012 Ballarat - Assignment Release

Dahlia Hana Event

Sdn Bhd

Outsource Project


SUBJECT : Project Management


Project Management Assignment

Lecturer : Zainudin Johari

Due Date : 13 June 2012

Title of Project : Dahlia Hana Event Sdn Bhd. Outsource Project


You are a Business Executive for an event management company called Dahlia Hana Event Sdn. Bhd.. Your company have been selected and entrusted to develop one of the project listed below.

  • Plan an International Band Concert at Putrajaya
  • Plan an Educational Trip to Christchurch New Zealand
  • Plan a “Save the Cats “ Campaign2013 Malaysia

Your client ( Create your own fictional client ) has entrusted you to managed and develop this project on behalf of their interest. They will provide all financial backup for the success of the event. You have to ensure that your master plan is accepted and aligned with their corporate inspirations. Your proposal is the most important deliverables ever to know that the success of the event.

At the moment you have to CREATE your group name and there are only 5 members in the Project Team including you. You are required to conduct an interview to recruit new staff to full fill the company objective in completing the project. Therefore you need to have a list of manpower requirement with specific job descriptions.

The project estimated to cost around RM2 million and will take almost the duration of 8 months to complete from scratch.

You are also to estimate the total cost of implementing the project that your clients have selected.


Project will take 10 working months.

Select a Project Manager from the members of your group.

Hardware and Software acquisition worth RM10,000 and above need to be reported in writing to the Steering Committee.

Your task

1. Introduction about your employer Dahlia Hana Event Sdn. Bhd. company profile which includes address, name of company, email, web, board of directors, history of project ( at least 2) and others you think is beneficial that should be included in your profile.

2. Introduction about your Client. Who are they, what is their background, etc.

3. Define that Project that you have selected very clearly in terms of scope and functions for the purpose of explaining to your Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. Include objective of project, mission and vision of projects, weaknesses of projects, advantages of your project, Literature Reviews, Methodology and all activities concerns, Here is where you must exploit all the intricate details of your projects such as planning, stage, design, props and cast, and protocols details.

4. Advertise on paper regarding the recruitment. Show the complete layout of the advertisement, which includes address, contacts, telephone number and dead line.

5. Plan to Conduct an Interview.

Which should includes :

Date, venue of interview, Number of candidates, potential candidates names with qualifications and targeted tasks, prepare manpower result and manpower selection.

6. Cost estimation for both

i. The cost to develop and managed the entire project

Estimation should includes infrastructure of projects including cabling and networking, salary, hardware , software and other cost which you think possible.

7. Draw a GANTT Chart to schedule the entire project. You may draw any additional charts to simplify your scheduling task such as a Network chart or a Staff chart.

End of Task.

Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your report an extra edge.

You are also encouraged to add in pictures of the relevant categories that you could acquire either from the Net or newspapers cuttings.

Make your report as realistic as possible as we all know that this is just a fictional exercise.

All assignments should be submitted in a formal assignment format such as Introduction, Body, Conclusion etc.

Group assignment of maximum 3 and minimum 2. Report to me on “Sleepy Passengers”

Assignments must be handed in on time or at least on the stipulated date.

Extensions will only be given under exceptional circumstances and will only be granted if notification is received in writing.

Some reasons for not allowing extensions are:

· Extensions are unfair to those who have worked hard to deliver assignments on TIME.

· The lecturer cannot cover the solution until the last assignment has been handed in

· A late assignment in my subject would usually leads to late assignments in other subject, and leading to a deterioration in the quality of work submitted

· Rigid deadlines exist in the real working environment.

All assignment work should be substantially your own

Working closely with someone else on a non-group assignment is considered cheating

Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse

All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Project Report Cover clearly stated proper identification

Zainudin Johari

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Project Management 2012 Ballarat - Tutorial Submission

Congratulations for submitting the Tutorials. Here are the list and keep up the Good work.

Tutorial 1

Tian Zhaoyue
Han Yijun
Jun Pak
Ren Rong
Peng Yin Xin
Ardi Winata
Mohamed Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Habeb Ali Al Aidros
Oke Olijah Oladipupo
Osamah Esmail Mohamad Zuhairi
Ahmed Habeb Ali Al Aidros
Siti Rizky Mardhani
Liu minqiang
Li Yue

Tutorial 2

Tian Zhaoyue
Han Yijun
Jun Pak
Nur Farida Adnan
Liu Min Qiang
Ren Rong
Li Yue Matt Lee
Peng Yin Xin
Ahmed Haled Ali
Ardi Winata
Mohamed Ahmed Omar
Osamah Esmail Mohamad Zuhairi
Johnson Benjamin Tunde
Kennedy Okodie
Siti Rizky Mardhani
Oke Olijah Oladipupo

Tutorial 3

Ahmed Habeb Ali Al Aidros
Osamah Esmail Mohammed Zuhairi
Mohamed Ahmed Omar

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