Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Research Practise Masters Software Engineering and Masters Information Management, Leeds Beckett University

Proposal in the Making...

1. Onyechere Ugochukwu Franklin

Proposed Topic : E Virtual Learning Environment

Comment :

Need to put more elements, too broad. VLE is a broad topic, in which sub division would you like to develop it? Student Registration? Module Registration? Assessments? 

2.  S. Vignesh

Proposed Topic : Web Design- Implementing New Designs / Application Development for Industries and Colleges

Comments :
More elements needed to show it appropriate at the Masters Level. Web Design for what areas? what specifications? Industries and Colleges are big organizations. Many department, so which Department or Faculty you wished to develop in what areas ?

3.  Sindhu Bhavani Jeeva Rathinam

Proposed Topic : Electronic Voting Systems for Students

Comments :
OK. But need to show your Complexity level.

4.  Harish Chandra

Proposed Topics :  i.  Security Systems of ATMs and Online bankings
                             ii.  Level of Risk involved in Service Oriented Architecture Testing Design
                             iii.  Service Components : Re Use for future development to improve
                                    services to client.
                             iv. Major Development in Software and Hardware to Endusers

Comments :
i. is ok but need to show your Complexity Level
ii. and iii. Not clear what is the Product of your Research ?
iy. Too broad, need to be narrowed to the point of Getting an Appropriate Output/product

5.   Santosh Sundara Moorthy

Proposed Topic : i.  Identify the place using GPS
                            ii. How to Hack ATM Machines
                            iii. Developing Social Networking site and getting Alert for Mobile

Comments :
i. Might be too common, but you could elaborate to show your Comlexity Level
ii. Rephrase the topic, as if you are encouraging people to hack ATMs. Narrow down and show complexity level.

iii. Too common but you could narrow tham and show new functions and higher complexity level

6. Venkatesan Chandra Sekaran

Proposed Topic : Cargo Online Tracking Systems

Comments :
 ok. But need to narrow down. Show higher complexity level. Show some new functions that you plan to include.

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