Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Software Quality & Analysis (SQA ) Assignment 1

Dear Students,
This is the Assignment. Read Carefully and prepare.


Subject : SQA and Project Management

Assignment : 1

Lecturer : Zainudin Johari

Date Release : 1 November 2007

Dead Line : 15 December 2007


Scenario :

You are a Systems Engineer for a Software House called “Systems Solutions Sdn. Bhd.”. Your company have been selected and trusted to build hospital information systems for a hospital which will be known as “Hospital Serdang International”. At the moment you have only 3 programmers and 1 senior program analyst. They are also currently involved in another project, which will be expected to complete in December 2007.

You are required to play a leading role in developing the system based on the latest state-of-the-art systems technology and therefore applying the most modern methodology for the treatment of patients.

The system is fully integrated, providing a user-friendly interface to perform all hospital functions covering medical/clinical, financial, treasury and administrative/ management modules. The information system is capable of producing all sorts of clinical reports, patient data, financial reports and treasury functions. Moreover, it also has the flexibility for developing and producing tailor-made reports on an as-and-when required basis.

The system you are about to undertake will be developed and implemented module by module. Please refer to the list below for the modules that have been planned. You are required to select any 2 (two ) sub-modules from each Main Modules but the sub modules with the asterisk is mandatory Eg. From the Clinical Modules , you must select Patient Registration(*) , and may select Patient Scheduling.

Clinical Modules

  • Patient Registration (*)
  • Patient Scheduling (Appointments)
  • Patient Financial Assessment
  • Patient Order Entry
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Inpatient Admission & Discharge
  • Medical Records

Financial Modules

  • General Ledger (*)
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts Payable / Receivables
  • Fixed Assets
  • Payroll

Administrative Modules

  • Human Resource Management (*)
  • Marketing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Library Management
  • System Security

You are required to conduct an interview to recruit new staff to fulfill the company objectives in completing this project, which is considered top priority. The “HSI” project is estimated to cost RM 15 million and will take duration of 2+1 years to complete.

Your Task

1. Introduction about your company profile which includes address, name of company, board of directors, history of project ( at least 3 ) and others you think is beneficial that should be included in your profile. ( 10 marks )

2. Select the Module accordingly. Define that module very clearly for the purpose of explaining to your Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. ( 10 marks )

3. Advertise on paper regarding the recruitment. Show the complete layout of the advertisement, which includes address, contacts, telephone number and dead line.

( 10 marks )

4. Plan to Conduct an Interview. Which should includes :

Date, venue of interview, Number of candidates, potential candidates names with qualifications and targeted tasks, Prepare question to ask interviewee during interview, prepare interviewer panel, prepare result and selection.

( 20 marks )

5. Summarize and comments. ( 5 marks )

6. Cost estimation for both

The interview sessions

( 25 marks )

  1. Draw a GANTT Chart to schedule the entire project.

(5 marks )

8. References ( 5 marks )

9. Overall Presentation, Layout and Professionalism (10 marks )

Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your report an extra edge. You are also encouraged to add in pictures of the relevant categories that you could acquire either from the Net or newspapers cuttings. You could also include the advantaged and disadvantages of each category where it is applicable.

All assignments should be submitted in a formal assignment format such as Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Appendix etc.

Group assignment. Maximum 2 members in each group. You can also do it individually too.

All assignment work should be substantially your own

Working closely with someone else on a non-group assignment is considered cheating. Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse

All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Project Report Cover clearly stated proper identification.

Zainudin Johari

Software Quality & Analysis (SQA ) Lesson 1 & 2 + Tutorials

Dear Students,
You may download Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 & Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 now.
Please prepare.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

AISD Exercise in Class


Bonus Link Card

You must be 18 yo to apply for one. Everytime you make a purchase at any selected Retailer counters ( eg. Metrojaya, Isetan or Jaya Jusco) , you will accumulate points. The points you collected can be redeem for special gifts according to the points collected by the table below.

Points Gift
0-200 1 box of Milo
201-500 1 Digital clock
501-1000 1 Digital Camera

You can only redeem one gift at any time. You must redeem within 3 years or the points accumulated will be
deleted starting from the date of application.

Draw / create an Activity Diagram for the scenario Above.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Use Case Diagram by Chandra Sunthari and Abirami Vimal

Dear Students,
This is the work of Abirami Vimal and Chandra Sunthari of Scenario 1 to Scenario 4. They are using Microsoft Visio. Use it as a reference for future design. Keep up the Good Work.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tribute to Nadzri Badri - Missing You

Nadzri Badri 1959 - 2007

Dear BTECH Project Management Students,
We all missed him so much. Never expected it and it came so soon and abrupt.
May God bless his soul. Deep condolences to all his immediate family and friends.
May we find strength from each other.

I dedicated this beautiful poem by Dana Hanon to him.

Missing A Friend
By Dana Hanon

We were close friends
I believed you were sent from above
I knew I could count on you
For anything I needed
And when I needed you most
you were always there
till the day you found friendship
And had to move away
But I knew you still cared
For we still can be friends
Only from a distance
Through phones lines we'd talk
Did not make the difference
We were still friends
Even though long distance
I do miss our converstaions
And the pranks you'd pull
And our long talks and
Our laughs we used to share
And how you made me feel better
Just by being there
I miss you my friend
And I know you still care
We are friends forever
You and I
Friends till the end
The day I die

Zainudin Johari

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AISD Assignment October 2007

Dear Student,
I have released the AISD assignment here. Prepare and Execute.


AISD Assignment October 2007

CODE : SD 3043

SUBJECT : Advanced Information Systems


weight : 50 %

Adv. Information Systems Development Assignment

Lecturer : Zainudin Johari

Due Date : 10 December 2007

Title of Project : Designing and development of Orange Training Institute Information Systems

Problem Statement

You are tasked with developing a new student registration system for Orange Training Institute which is located in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. The college would like a new client-server system to replace its much older system developed around mainframe technology. The new system will allow students to register for courses and view grades from personal computers attached to the campus network. Professors will be able to access the system to sign up to teach courses as well as record grades.

Due to a decrease in federal funding, the college cannot afford to replace the entire system at once. The college will keep the existing course catalog database where all course information is maintained. This database is an Oracle relational database running on an IBM mainframe. Fortunately, the college has invested in an open SQL interface that allows access to this database from the college's UNIX servers. The legacy system's performance is poor, so the new system must ensure that access to the data on the legacy system occurs in a timely manner. The new system will access course information from the legacy database but will not update it. The registrar's office will continue to maintain course information through another system.

At the beginning of each semester, students may request a course catalogue containing a list of course offerings for the semester. Information about each course, such as professor, department, and prerequisites, will be included to help students make informed decisions. This institute has 3 different kinds of students, Certificate, Diploma and Degree.

The new system will allow students to select up to four course offerings for any term. In addition, each student will indicate up to two alternative choices in cast the student cannot be assigned to a primary selection. Course offerings will have a maximum of 25 students, and a minimum of five students. A course offering with fewer than five students will be canceled. For each semester, there is a period of time that students can change their schedule. Students must be able to access the system during this time to add or drop courses. Once the registration process is completed for a student, the registration system sends information to the billing system so the student can be billed for the term. If a course fills up during the actual registration process, the student must be notified of the change before submitting the schedule for processing.

Head of School will be processing the registration forms in order to ensure the students adhere to the regulations stipulated.

At the end of the semester, the student will be able to access the system to view an electronic grade report. Since student grades are sensitive information, the system must employ extra security measures to prevent unauthorized access. The Head of Systems Analyst will ensure the systems are working well and should also conduct training for staff and students alike to ensure that the new systems are running smoothly without any hiccups.

Professors must be able to access the on-line system to indicate which courses they will be teaching. They will also need to see which students signed up for their course offerings. In addition, the professors will be able to record the grades for the students in each class. Professor are advised to teach only 3 subjects per semester and need the Head of School approval if they have to teach more than the required number of subjects.

The Professors would also be able to recommend suitable candidates by merits for scholarships to continue their studies at an appropriate level.


§ All Drawings must be submitted using either Smart Draw, Select Enterprise ,Rational Rose, Argo/UML, Rhapsody, Together/J, MS PowerPoint or MS Word or any Object oriented support tools Software

§ Introduction

§ Create a Use-Case Diagram analysis model for the course registration system. This should contain a use-case model consisting of a use-case diagram, and a brief description for each use case, along with the actors participating in the use case.

§ Draw a low level Class Diagram depicting the registration system and explanation.

§ Draw an Activity Diagram with and without Swim lanes depicting the registration systems and explanation.

§ Draw a Sequence Diagram depicting the systems and explanation.

§ Problem encountered when designing this project.

§ References used.

§ Conclusion

Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your report an extra edge.

You are also encouraged to add in pictures of the relevant categories that you could acquire either from the Net or newspapers cuttings.

Make your report as realistic as possible as we all know that this is just a fictional exercise.

All assignments should be submitted in a formal assignment format such as Introduction, Body, Conclusion etc.

Group assignment of minimum 2 and maximum 3. Report to me on “Sleepy Passengers”

Assignments must be handed in on time or at least on the stipulated date.

Extensions will only be given under exceptional circumstances and will only be granted if notification is received in writing.

Some reasons for not allowing extensions are:

· Extensions are unfair to those who have worked hard to deliver assignments on TIME.

· The lecturer cannot cover the solution until the last assignment has been handed in

· A late assignment in my subject would usually leads to late assignments in other subject, and leading to a deterioration in the quality of work submitted

· Rigid deadlines exist in the real working environment.

All assignment work should be substantially your own

Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse

All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Project Report Cover clearly stated proper identification

Zainudin Johari

Monday, October 8, 2007

AISD -Avtivity Diagram from Praveen Bhaskaran

Dear Students,
This is the work of Praveen Bhaskaran for scenario stated below.

Well done. Keep the good work.


A student needs to register subjects every semester. A student cannot register more than 4 subjects per semester. The Head of School will sign all the registration form to ensure student comply with the regulations. Subject lecturers are required to lecture at least 3 subjects in a semester. The maximum number of students in a class is limited to 30. The subject lecturer will stop any students from attending his/her class once the max number is achieved. Draw a activity diagram to depict the scenario.

AISD Lesson 5 and Tutorial 5

Dear Students,
You may now download Lesson 5 and Tutorial 5.



Tuesday, October 2, 2007

AISD Scenario # 1 by Praveen Bhaskaran

Dear Students,
Scenario 1 Submitted by Praveen Bhaskaran Year 3 UEL Student. Keep up the Good work

Scenario 1

A college has diploma and degree programs. The Diploma programs are IT, Management and Architecture. While the Degree programs are divided by University such as UEL and Ballarat University. Ballarat University programs offer BBA and MBA.

a) Draw a high definition class diagram.

b) Draw a Detailed class diagram

Degree ES2 Turnitin Id

Dear Degree Students for ES2 MPU3222, This is your TURNITIN ID. All you Best in your Assignment. Zainudin Johari Module Leader ES2 MPU32...