Friday, December 18, 2009

BIS2010 Case Study 1 - ARCO Successful Submission

Dear Students,
These are the names of the students who have submitted the Case Study 1 - ARCO answers.
Keep up the Good Work .


Case Study 1 - ARCO 1 ( deadline 22 Dec 2009 - 5 pm Hardcopy)

Name of Student

  • Ibrahim Marwan El Mekaty & Abdulaziz Yahya Al Radaei( Good piece of work - but I need the Hardcopy )
  • Alec (Liu Hang), Chen Di, and Yang Nan ( brief but full-fill requirements but could have done better. Still need your Hardcopy )
  • Haji Haji Mdungi, Abdallah Said Soud, Juma Ahmada Mzee ( Very good work and detail elaboration)
  • Nur Syairah Baharam, Rika Mayang Sari & Nurshabana Nagaruddin Nagarajah ( Good explanation, good arguments, well structured )
  • Zahra Salahuddin ( too brief, looks like an answer to an exercise rather than a case study ; not a Bachelor level :( )
  • Anwunobi Alphonsus Okey , Ali Nasser Al Far'ei, Ojo Osaigbovo Eseosa ( Good report at a Bachelors Level. Well Done )
  • Ojomah Ernest Mark , Okungbowa Osazee ,Justin Ngoyi ( Good reporting appropriate to present a Case. Definitely suitable at a Bachelors Level. Well Done )
  • Ahem aziz salim, Najim albattashi ( Fulfilled requirements )
  • Rawaa T Sulima , Fathimath Ali Rasheed, Peter Aboyim Tochukwu ( Well written )
  • Anwunobi Alphonsus Okey, Ojo Osaigbovo Esosa, Ali Nasser Ali Al Far'ei (Accepted )
  • Aishath Shifa, Fazly Fauzee, Aminath Sa'aadha ( Too brief not up to Bachelor's Level )
  • Faridahtul Aqmal Sodi, Mashitah Mahmud (clear explanation )
  • Kotaro Yamazaki ( good elaboration and good design for matrix in Question 6 . Keep up the good work )
  • Najim Khalifa Al Battashi, Ahmed Aziz Salim ( Well answered especially for Question 6 . Well done )
  • Azreen Nadiya, Nur Zetty & Shankari a/p Sivabalan ( Accepted )
  • Lim Woei Jiann, Chen Tian Zhi ( Accepted )
  • Zhou Min ( Accepted but quite weak. Should elaborate )
  • Kiki Wijaya, Yassin Awyusuf, NIcholas ( Accepted )
  • Ishola kazeem Adio ,Akintunde Ewebiola Abiodun , Toba- Temitope Juwonlo ( Accepted )

  • Shahrul Izham Mohammad Shabar , Norazlin, Mohd. Shah Indera ( Some answers are very well constructed but some are quite surface. Improve further )
  • Mohd Harmizan Fazly,Haswan bin Fazaldin , Nor Hidayah binti Abd Halim( Good contents)
  • Rotimi Funke Favour,Liu Wei ( Well researched, be careful at the citation but the answers are favourable too )
  • Fatma Babu ( accepted but some answers are still weak and surfaced only. )
  • Mohd Anuar Musa, Melvin Singh Nashatar Singh, Taimoor Irfan ( Overall acceptable but some answers are too brief with not much deliberation - weak for Bachelor's Level )
  • Nur Amalia Izzati bt. Abd Rasib ,Nor Shafiqa Binti Lob Shafian ( well constructed and could improve on elaboration and clarity techniques )
  • Pan Meng Lu, Zhao Fei Hong ( Acceptable but could be further improved in elaboration )
  • DongXiaoping , Pan xiang ( answers too brief with not much elaboration - not a Bachelor standard )
  • Bashir T Kirfi, Ahmed AbdulRahman ( Acceptable )
  • Wang Zhi, Eng Wyn Yen ( Well written )
  • Lim Woei Jiann, Chen Tian Zhi ( Accepted but some are too brief )

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BIS2010 Case Study 1 - ARCO

Case Study No. 1

Date Released : 2 Dec 2009

Deadline : 18 Dec 2009 12.00pm

Instructions :

This is a group assignment of minimum 1 and maximum 3 students.

This case study is about a SAP business information systems that was developed by a company called CSI for a client named ARCO.

Go to my blog to watch a video for Case Study 1 . Or you can also watch this video at URL :

Called SAP Warehouse & Logistics Case Study by CSI at ARCO.

Tips : You need to watch it several times before comprehending the entire case study and understood its content and objectives.

Task :

1. Explain the company background of CSI. List 2 clients of CSI apart from ARCO.

2. Elaborate about ARCO background by giving details about the nature of their business organizations and operations.

3. SAP was mentioned several times in the video. In your opinion, what does “SAP” actually means?

4. State the problems that ARCO was facing before the CSI came into the picture.

5. To your opinion, does CSI did a good job for ARCO in improving their business operations? Why?

6. List all the items that CSI created for ARCO in their package solution. You may also describe it graphically in form of a chart or diagram.

7. List all the digital hardwares that you could see from the video that have assisted ARCO in their operations.

8. Problems faced by your group when taking this case study.

Tips :

1. You may extensively used materials research from the Web that could assist you in your answers.

2. Give references that you have used in Harvard Referencing.

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