Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Students,
These are your TURNITIN Ids and Password.

AISD 2013 Year 3

Class ID : 666066
Password : AISD3043

PPD2013 Year 1

Class ID : 666079
Password : CN1041

Zainudin Johari
Module Leader

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Professional Practise & Development 2013 - Welcome

Dear First Year UEL Students,
Welcome to my Professional Practise & Development Class.
I hoped that this module will benefit you for future modules and in your entire student life.


Zainudin Johari
Module Leader

Advanced Information Systems Development - Welcome to my Class 2013

Dear 3rd Year UEL Students,
Welcome to my AISD 2013 class.
I hoped that you will work hard and smart in my supervision and benefit from it too.
Especially for your final dissertation.


Zainudin Johari
Module Leader

Monday, September 9, 2013

Group Assignment ITBA2013 Name List Submission

Dear Students,
Latest Submission of Group Members for Assignment.

1.   Group Name : Teletubbies 

1. Fareez Izzudin Othman
2.  Muhamad Shahamirul Afiq Jaafar
3. Nurul Shahira Sabrah
4. Muhammad Rifqi Zainuddin
5. Akmal Hakim Mohamad
6. Yoghambal A/P Tamilarasan

2. Group Name : Unix De Costa

1. Intan Kartika Mohamad
2. Raja Siti Salwani Raja Ibrahim
3. Nur Nadia Nabila Azhar
4.  Muhamad Amzar Shuhaimi
5.  Wan Nur Laila Mohd Sariful Lim
6.  Nor Amira Ramli

3.  Group Name : Botol Kicap

1. Jason Anthony
2.  Gunavathi Chinasamy
3.  Alisa Anak Nimbai
4. Nur Afifah Osman
5. Jacob Pandian Sundrapandiyan
6. Ahmad Hafizie Irwan Helmi Jame

4. Group Name : 

1. Muhammad Hariz Afiq Nor Harswari
2. Nurul Syahirah Hazirah sazman
3. Shazlin Saibon
4. Nur Asmalina Azidra

5.  Group Name : Tee Gag Man

1. Muhamad Zulfazlan Ismail
2. Syahmi Nurhafiz Nordin
3. Nor Ahbar Maula Ibrahim

6.  Group Name : 

1. Sabros Peterus Sabok
2. Tengku Mohammad Zulfahmi Tengku Azhar
3. Syazni Hamzan
4. Muhammad Qamaruzzaman
5. Mohamad Nadzim Mubin
6. Nur Fatiha Nawi

7.  Group Name : CJ6

1. Syahrul Efendi Sutrisno
2. Muhammad Norazizul Abdullah
3. Muhammad Iskandar Jefri
4. Liyana Afiqah Hisham
5. Nurshahira Mohd Zaini
6. Muhammad Faqiuddin Abu Bakar

8.  Group Name :

1. Sutharman Padmanathan
2. Shiela April Savari Muthu
3. Vipeeshan Suntharalingam
4. Kishen Alex Uaran
5. Jayarubini Sambanthan

9. Group Name : 

1. Ahmad Ismail Mohd Naim
2. Mohd. Ishan Ishak
3. Lokman Khodziri
4. Muhd. Amirul Mustaffa
5. Siti Qamariah Nor Mustafa
6. Megat Nadzirul Adzim Megat Ahmad

10. Group Name : Yapinkipinky

1. Nur Aziera Sazli
2. Vinodthini Paniarselvam
3. Kavishmi Khrisnan

11. Group Name :

1. Nur Shaeilwanie Mohd Shamsudin
2. Rabiah Ramel
3. Jaime Lee Jia Wen
4. Lam Cheng Ming

12. Group Name : Ghost Rider

1. Kalaivani Batumalai
2. Halimatus Syahidah
3. Yoghambal Tamilarasan
4. Badrul Salam Jamaludin
5. Muhammad Syafiq Razali
6. Nik Badrul Yahya Nik Yahya

13. Group Name :

1. Michele Vincent
2. Nur Aisyah Umairah Ahmad Jais
3. Pauimiziana Kawar
4. Nik Nor Nafizah Hasan
5. Nur Nadira Mohd Nazri

14. Group Name : Paradise Group

1. RV Navanithasree Rajan
2. Harris Bhatti
3. Ali Zaid Bhatti
4. Muhamad Umar
5. Akhtar Ali
6. Li Shih Lee

15.Group Name : Three C

1. Zahiratul Amani
2. Shifa Affina Rahim
3. Siti Noafira Ismail

16. Group Name :  Ge ge's Group

1. Fatin Farahaina Mat Adam
2. Wan Norsapika Wan Ahmad
3. Ainna Najwa Bazilim
4. Masyitah Mohd Zain
5. Siti Amalin Aisyah Jailani
6. Noor Faziera Alimi

Updated 17 September 2013  306pm



Download Lesson 5 ITBA2013

Dear Students,
You may download Lesson 5 now.

Lesson 5 ITBA2013



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

IT & Business Application Assignment 2013 Released

CODE                  :    CSCAD102
SUBJECT           :    IT & Business Applications    
weight            :    50 %


Lecturer : Zainudin Johari
Due Date : 11 October 2013
This is a GROUP assignment of Maximum 6 students and minimum 3 students.
Go Fun Travel Agency

Go Fun Travel Agency is a travel management company specializing in the specific travel needs of individual and corporate consumers, direct reservations, high volume of business and stable relations with cruise lines, hotels, car rental companies, and airlines they are able to obtain lower rates for their customers.

Customer can get the peace of mind by using in house professional travel consultant for free.
Go Fun Travel Agency offers a staff of highly experienced and knowledgeable certified travel counselors who will make planning a vacation a pleasure. Business as well as leisure travel is tailored to meet all your needs. Save time and money by using our experienced agents to book your perfect vacation.

Go Fun Travel Agency provides helpful, updated information for a wide variety of tours, from historical, archeological excursions to unforgettable special arrangements.
They offer something for every age and lifestyle with the highest standards of comfort, integrity and efficient friendly services.
After many years of experience and in view of promoting many countries with better prices and better services, they have the pleasure to offer customer many travel packages while keeping their prices affordable and their services individualized for all of the customer needs.

Go Fun Travel Agency wish to go online and create an e-commerce environment into their business by year 2014.
Your Task :
You are a Business Analyst Consultant for a Software development company. Your task is to recommend Go Fun Travel Agency regarding E-Commerce related issues listed below and compiled them as a comprehensive report :
1.            Brief Introduction to Information Systems needed by Go Fun Travel Agency  ( 5 %)
2.            Define E-commerce in respect to Go Fun Travel Agency. (5%)
3.            Benefits of E-Commerce ( 5%)
4.            Hardware and Software needed to implement E-Commerce with Cost Spreadsheet  (15%)
5.            Security Enforcement needed with Cost Spreadsheet ( 10%)
6.            References ( 5%)
7.            Conclusion ( 5 %)
Any special finding you have investigated worth mentioning should be added to give your resume and enclosing letter an extra edge.

You are also encouraged to add in pictures of relevant topic that you could acquire either from the Net or newspapers cuttings.

Make your resume as realistic as possible as we all know that this is just a fictional exercise.
Assignments must be handed in on time or at least on the stipulated date.
All assignment work should be substantially your own
Working closely with someone else on a non-group assignment is considered cheating
Cheating or plagiarism will result in zero marks for the assignment, and may result in failing the subject or worse
All assignments must be A4 papers and bound firmly in the Project Report Cover clearly stated proper identification

You May download the Assignment ITBA2013  here

Zainudin Johari


Download Lesson 3 ITBA 2013

Dear Students,
You may download Lesson 3 now.



Download ITBA2013 Lesson 3

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Download Lesson 1 ITBA 2013

Dear ITBA 2013 Students,
You may download the Lesson 1 now.
Hope you will bring calculator on our Thursday class.



Download ITBA Lesson 1

WELCOME to IT & Business Application Class

Welcome to Information Technology & Business Applications 2013

Hope you will benefit from this class and used the knowledge for your future projects.


Zainudin Johari
Module Leader

Monday, June 17, 2013

CN1041 First Group Discussion

Groups have done group discussion and selected their topics.

They are :

Group 1

Mohd Azrul Naim Md Yusuf
Sonah Tuffan
Stephen Ozouniekhe

Discussion on :
Choosing Topic 2
Finding Objectives
Dividing work load

 Group 3

Sani Abu Bakar Sadiq
Muhammad Nazhi Shamsudin
Nor Asyura Mohd Shafie

Discussion on :
Leader and secretary
Choose Topic 2
Divide the task by History of  OS
Characteristics of OS
Demography of OS

Group 8

Mohammad Firus Ezzuddin
Abdullahi Ahmed Godowou
Nwankwo Ebere Golden

Discussions on :
Chosen Topic 2
Scope of Module
Personal research for each person

 Group 5

Kingsley E Uguru
Akindele Kolawule Patrick
Sulaiman Musa Olusegun

Discussions on:
Topic 2 chosen
That is All
Poor discussion

 Group 10

Chimeleze Collins
Oknune Adubuisi Michael
 Ebhodaghe Ibhadon Henry

Discussion on :
Chosen topic 2
Divide some work but did not elaborate what task?
Poor discussion

So, That is only 5 groups that have submitted a meeting report, which are brief.
Should have more to report in the future.


Zainudin Johari

Monday, June 10, 2013

CN1041 Academic Skills for Computing

CN1041 Academic Skills for Computing

Group 1

Mohd Azrul Naim Md Yusuf
Sonah Tuffan
Stephen Ozouniekhe

Group 2

Mohamad Aminudin Borhan
Adeel Ahmad Khan
Khairil Anwar Erwin

Group 3

Sani Abu Bakar Sadiq
Muhammad Nazhi Shamsudin
Nor Asyura Mohd Shafie ( edited )

Group 4

Daffe Diariman
Prasanth Alphanso
Nurhayati Ab Latif

Group 5

Kingsley E Uguru
Akindele Kolawule Patrick
Sulaiman Musa Olusegun

Group 6

Ikedieze Uchechi Aloysius
Nurillahi bin Roxas
Mohd Akramin B Hashim

Group 7

Nnadi Emmanuel Chukurnonge
Olarewayu Olafemi David
Mohammad Ahmed

Group 8

Mohammad Firus Ezzuddin
Abdullahi Ahmed Godowou
Nwankwo Ebere Golden

Group 9

Abubakar Kabir Mahi
Okafou Infeanyichukwu Gerald

Group 10

Chimeleze Collins
Oknune Adubuisi Michael
 Ebhodaghe Ibhadon Henry

Group 11

Al Imran Hossain
Iwuagwu Obinna Oliver
Mohammed Mala Musti
Dinesh Ambalagam

Zainudin Johari
Module Leader

Degree ES2 Turnitin Id

Dear Degree Students for ES2 MPU3222, This is your TURNITIN ID. All you Best in your Assignment. Zainudin Johari Module Leader ES2 MPU32...